The Lion Hunters - the Arthurian/Aksumite Cycle

  • The Empty Kingdom by Elizabeth Wein cover art
"Telemakos has endured trials that would have broken men and women twice his age, and yet he emerges ever more worthy of the faith his royal family has placed in him. Caught spying on his protector in The Lion Hunter , he now lives under the threat of imminent execution should he give Abreha reason...Read more
  • The Lion Hunter by Elizabeth Wein cover art
“It is with unbridled pleasure that readers will return to Wein's Aksumite empire of the sixth century. Our hero Telemakos is visiting the emperor’s mostly tame lions while awaiting the birth of his sister; when news of her arrival comes, he unwisely runs across the pit, causing the male lion to...Read more
  • cover art for The Sunbird by Elizabeth Wein
“In The Winter Prince and A Coalition of Lions , Wein delights in taking strong characters, giving them solid ideals, setting them in the crucible of a challenging situation, and applying narrative torque until they are transformed, by pressure and heat, into purer metals. In The Sunbird , the...Read more
  • A Coalition of Lions by Elizabeth Wein cover art
“A gorgeously imagined and wildly exciting historical narrative, combining Arthurian legend with the kingdom of Aksum (Ethiopia). While Wein mines the inexhaustible treasury of Arthur, as she did in her first installment, The Winter Prince, she makes it very new. Goewin, twin sister of Lleu, half-...Read more
  • The Winter Prince by Elizabeth Wein
“Fantasy lovers and devotees of Arthurian legends will enjoy Wein’s challenging but engrossing novel, which probes the soul of Mordred (or Medraut as Wein names him), the illegitimate son of Artos [Arthur] and Artos’ half-sister Morgause. In Wein’s sympathetic hands, Medraut is a skillful, well-...Read more
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