Links to further information on Ravensbrück


I recently had a request from a student writing a "newspaper" article on Ravensbrück who wanted to know specifics on timing, events and individual prisoners, so I thought I'd post a few links here for anyone with similar interests:


Ravensbrück Memorial Site


Ravensbrück timeline (dates and events) from the United States Holocaust Museum


Transcripts of the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial, December 1946


"Message in a Bottle from the Concentration Camp" - poems and songs from ​Ravensbrück on the Tonworte website; site contains other links to poetry, music and art in the camp, such as the Ravensbrück song. Originally written in Russian, it was sung with variations throughout the camp and its satellite camps, a symbol of solidarity. The website is looking for translations from other languages.


Ravensbrück Concentration Camp history and overview from the Jewish Virtual Library


Women of Ravensbrück: virtual museum exhibit from the Florida Holocaust Museum


Photographs, statistics and further information on the "Rabbits" and the Ravensbrück medical experiments


Wikipedia entry on Ravensbrück


Teacher's guide on Ravensbrück from Kennesaw State University


This site maintained by Jarek Gadjewski contains a great deal of infomation dedicated to the Ravensbruck Rabbits.






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