I recently had a request from a student writing a "newspaper" article on Ravensbrück who wanted to know specifics on timing, events and individual prisoners, so I thought I'd post a few links here for anyone with similar interests: Ravensbrück Memorial Site Ravensbrück timeline (dates and events)...Read more
In August 2012 I spent a week at the Ravensbrück Memorial site taking part in a seminar called the European Summer School which is held there annually. The links below take you to the blog posts I wrote while I was there, along with photographs of the site as it is now. Part I Part IIRead more
I borrowed shamelessly from my grandmother’s youth and from my own Pennsylvania heritage in creating Rose, the heroine of Rose Under Fire. I made her a middle-class American girl on purpose: I wanted to give today’s readers a feeling for how ordinary the victims of the Nazi regime were—how like us...Read more
Survivors, 1958 "While in Ravensbrück they had been sustained by the determination to let the world know what had happened. But war and the effects of war are too clamorous for the individual voice, however strong the message and pure the accent. And the Lapins [Rabbits], as they came to be known,...Read more
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