Women pilots

Soviet: Night Witches - Wikipedia Night Witches - Seize the Sky Night Witches - The Atlantic American: WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots - Wikipedia Wings Across America - WASP on the Web Texas Women's University WASP history WASP Museum British: Air Transport Auxiliary - Wikipedia Air Transport...Read more
Curious readers may be interested in the sources for some of the flying scenes in Rose Under Fire. Rose’s background is similar to that of Betty Lussier , who grew up on a farm in Maryland then managed get to England to join the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in 1942. Rose’s relationship with her...Read more
Taran is both a Russian and Polish word for aerial ramming (if you do a Wikipedia search on taran, you’ll be redirected to aerial ramming). Taran is not the same as kamikaze and is not considered a suicide manoeuver. If you’re nerdy enough to want a more in-depth discussion of taran, read J.T...Read more
The USSR was the only Allied nation that sent women pilots into combat during World War II. They operated both as bomber pilots and fighter pilots - their bombing missions, in obsolete bi-planes from which they harassed German troops on the Eastern Front under cover of darkness and using the...Read more
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