Presentations and Workshops

Elizabeth Wein and a favourite planeI give presentations on a range of subjects, and not just about writing!


Topics I’ve covered in the past include my trip to Ethiopia in 2004 (where Black Dove, White Raven and my series The Lion Hunters is set), research for writing historical fiction, fiction and flight, and how research and real life come together in writing an adventure story. Topics related to Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire include women in aviation, the role of women in World War II, and the women's concentration camp at Ravensbrück. I also run writing workshops and discussions.

I charge $250 / £175 for a 45 minute presentation, or $500 / £350 for a full school day’s visit, plus travel expenses (bearing in mind that I live in Scotland). For multiple visits within a limited time and area these fees can be negotiated. I'm also available for Skype sessions.




For more information, contact my agent, Ginger Clark, at gc [AT] cbltd [dot] com






photograph by Jonathan Habicht, courtesy of The Shuttleworth Collection